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100% Recyclable

Anti-Cracking Self Sealing Multipurpose Usage Multiple Sizes

Perfect for all postage items, Available all Sizes

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Plate Round
50 Plates Per Pack 5000 Plates per Case
50 Plates Per Pack 5000 Plates per Case
Built to excel in every trail condition and at the highest levels of competition, the SnapWCE is now available in a wider 2.5in casing for more grip and control on the raggededge. Snap WCE’s tread is designed with ramped knobs for high-speed rolling, and largevertical faces to bite under aggressive braking. The deep tread design and even spacinghelp to dig into mud and loose dirt and clear quickly for unstoppable all-weather grip. We use our malleable Top 40 rubber compound, a 42A durometer measured material forthe tread, built on top of a 52A rubber foundation producing a tire that digs into the trailto find every ounce of grip while resisting folding when thrown into corners. Snap WCE built on with our Gravity Core casing is our most durable downhill/endurotire. The Gravity Core construction consists of our Synthesis and Apex technologies forultimate sidewall and tread protection against punctures, strikes and slashes.
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